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My content was stolen by eBaums too

Interactive Buddy was put on there without my consent. Although I don't mind too much since I'm not making money off of it, that's really bad business and definitely illegal.


Loved the coordination, definitely reminds me of various performances I have seen that use everyday objects to make music. Your style is simple yet effective--the black and white really works well for this.

However, I feel there is still room for improvement. Certainly it could be longer, and use more unusual soundmaking devices. And although the simple style, as I said, works well, it could still be expanded upon greatly if you make a sequal.

Overall, your style is nearly flawless, but I think you need to build on it more and be more creative, as I know you have the potential to do.

Also, I was reading some of the reviews for this, and I don't think you should be so bitter in your replies to people who review with low ratings. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and you really ought to use lower ratings as a basis for improvement, not as targets of sarcasm. Of course, you're entitled to your opinion on this matter as well.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Dustball responds:

Thanks! I agree that another version can be much more complex musically and visually. I plan to do just that! About my responses, I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but most people don't say "Hmmm, I actually didn't care for it." If they did, I wouldn't care. But usually they just make some lame remark that doesn't make sense, like "this sucks because it was really easy to make" or "anyone who likes this is a *%!ing moron because this is boring and gay!" To them, I like to point out that they are morons. Or if someone says "it was full of glitches and was offbeat" but then doesn't offer any explanation, it makes me wonder what basis they have for those claims. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it!

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Very fun, but HIGHSCORE problems

Addictive and nice graphics. Your highscore table seems insecure though.

Fun and addictive

This is a real winner. I played for almost forty-five minutes because I just HAD to beat it! The difficulty level is perfect, though, and the gameplay itself is superb. Truly great work, and done in only four days! Very nice!


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